Trash The Dress-Beach Edition!

Trash the dress is an ever growing trend for awesome wedding photos. Trashing the dress also makes for some memorable moment between the bride and groom because getting the right photo can be so much fun. We have already shared with you our top trash the dress photos, but now that summer is over we feel we need a whole blog just on the awesome beach photo shoots!

Trash the Dress

Photography by Queen B Photography

This trash the dress beach style is so romantic. It displays the love the bride and groom share. For more pictures from heir trash the dress photo shoot check out Melissa Weddings.


trash the dress

Image via French Style Weddings Photography by Olivia Marocco

We just love how the dress in floating in this trash the dress image. It looks so beautiful with the lace detailing floating to the top and the groom holding it up.

trash the dress

Photography by Hilary Mercer

This photo looks like the couple are having so much fun together! Click here to see more images from their trash the dress photo shoot. It is so beautiful and romantic!


trash the dress

Photography by Shaun King

Awe! This trash the dress picture is worth a thousand words! It is so beautiful, the moment was so perfect with the wave crashing into them the way it did.


We just love beach styled trash the dress photo shoots! If you want to get a trash the dress picture for your wedding but don’t want to completely ruin your beautiful wedding gown then this is the perfect option for you! Beach and water photos are so beautiful and you can get creative with the location and the way you display the dress in the water! This is such a romantic way to spend your wedding photo shoot before heading off to the reception! For more trash the dress ideas click here.

Pinterest Round Up: Top Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

flower girls and ring bearers

Image via Theme Analysis

Over the course of the summer we have shared with you many different Pinterest Round Ups. By far this one is the cutest instalment! We have scoured Pinterest to find the most adorable pictures of flower girls and ring bearers to share with you! Not only will this give you great ideas for your own wedding photos with the flower girls and ring bearers but it will also put a smile on your face and warm your heart!

The Flower Girls 

Wedding signs are so popular and a cute way to direct people or announce things. This is a great way to incorporate a wedding sign to let the guest know that the bride is about to walk down the aisle! These flower girls are so adorable in their summer white dresses for the wedding!

flower girls and ring bearers

Photography by Brookeletourneau

This is the perfect picture of the flower girls with the bride and groom! It portrays a romantic private moment with the bride and groom and the innocence of the two little girls! The flower girls look cute and get to have fun in this picture!

Flower girls stick together! This picture is so precious! Not only do the little girls look fabulous in their dresses but it really shows a moment of love and friendship between them!

The Ring Bearer

flower girls and ring bearers

Image via Lisa Wola

Not only is this little boy adorable in his suspenders but he also bears a sign that announces the brides arrival! This little blonde has stolen our heart with his winking smile!

flower girls and ring bearers

Image via Lisa Wola

How cute are these two?! their outfits are matching and adorable from head to toe with their pink bow ties, suspenders, and boat shoes! They even look like twins! Such an adorable idea for how to dress your ring bearers!

flower girls and ring bearers

Image via Rooted in Love

This ring bearer outfit and ring box is a fun way to dress your ring bearer and make them feel really important to the wedding! This makes the little guy feel cool, responsible, and special! Everyone needs ring security!

There are lots of different photos you could take of your flower girls and ring bearers and many different ways you can dress them for your special day! Just remember to let them have fun during the photo shoots and the wedding! For more Pinterest Round Ups check out our Top Wedding Cakes, Top Wedding Dresses, and DIY Projects!

10 Must Have Wedding Photo Ideas

Pictures really do tell a thousand words!  Finding the perfect wedding photo ideas can make that so much easier. Some photos capture emotions and moments better than others. We’ve found the top 10 must have photo ideas to have taken at your wedding!

1. The Kiss

wedding photo ideas

Photo via Weddingbells

This wedding photo idea probably isn’t that much of a surprise! The kiss captures so much emotion and passion that it’s a must have. The problem is finding the best photo of your kiss. To get the best results get the photographer to take a few so you have options!


2. Shot of the Groomsmen Getting Ready

Wedding photo idea

Photography by David Wittig

Most photos are usually of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. Why not change it up? Have the men take a group shot as they’re getting ready or as soon as they’re finished.


3. Father daughter dance

This is another must have wedding photo idea! This photo is absolutely priceless! Not to mention you can give your father a copy of the picture as a father’s day present!


4. Detail of the Wedding Dress

wedding photo idea

Photo via We Heart It

Couples don’t think about this wedding photo idea but it’s amazing! The bride’s wedding dress is a huge part of the wedding day so why not take a picture of it? When someone asks you what your dress looked like you can show them the photo and they can see every detail for themselves!


5. Couple Coming Back Down the Aisle

This is such a great wedding photo idea! This is such a happy moment for both the bride and groom after they have said their vows and sealed it with a kiss. This picture would be great to hang in in the newlywed’s house!


6. Holding Your Parents Wedding Photo

wedding photo idea

Photo via Bridal Guide

We fell in love with this idea! Not only is it such a sweet tribute to both parents but it’s also good luck for the future couple!

7. Group Shot

wedding photo idea

Photo via Yes Baby Daily

This wedding photo idea is the perfect way to include everyone in your big day!  It’s such an adorable photo to look back on. You can also give this photo with a thank you card for your guests…a little reminder of your big day for them to keep! We also love this photo because most group wedding photos only include the families and the wedding parties.


8. Three Generations of Wedding Rings

Photo via Yes Baby Daily

Photo via Yes Baby Daily

We adore this wedding photo idea. How cute is it?!  This would be a great keepsake to give to your daughter when she decides to get married and is such a cool tradition to pass on!


9. Picture with the Bridesmaids!

wedding photo idea

Photography by William Innes

Of course we couldn’t forget one of the most popular wedding photos! A shot with your bridesmaid is always a a great idea! Switch things up instead of the typical bridesmaid line shot! We love this photo inspiration :)


10. Final Shot of the Night

wedding photo idea

Photo via Yes Baby Daily

Although most photographers leave way before the couple does, ask them to stay until your about to leave or even better get a friend with a professional camera to take a photo of you two leaving after your magical day. The picture can be of the couple doing anything- even your last dance of the night.

For more wedding photo inspiration check out our Top Trash the Dress photos!

Wedding Inspiration: Harry Potter!

wedding inspiration

Source: Polyvore

Harry Potter was such an important series for a lot of us. What I liked about the series is as Harry Potter grew up, so did we and so did the books. It’s no surprise that a lot of the kids that grew up with the series applied a lot of their favorite HP things in milestones like, oh I don’t know, their weddings! We’ve got some great ideas for wedding inspiration for you if you’re planning a magical Harry Potter themed wedding!

The Proposal

wedding inspiration

Source: Wedding Bee

The Unbreakable Vow proposal is a popular favorite among hopelessly romantic Harry Potter fans. The Unbreakable Vow is a chapter taken from the sixth book of the series, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. It’s a simple DIY that anyone can do!

If damaging books isn’t your cup of tea, you can always fashion a ping pong ball into a golden snitch and have the ring inside of it, like the one below!

wedding inspiration

Source: Buzzfeed

The Invitations

wedding inspiration

Source: Mental Floss

This invitation was based off of the Marauder’s Map. The Marauder’s Map was a magical map created by the Marauders (Harry Potter’s father James, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew). They used the map to sneak around Hogwarts unseen. It was then found many years later by the Weasley Twins and later given to Harry, as the map belonged to his late father.

The Dress

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration for your Harry Potter themed wedding, why not grab a few tips from the runway? The costume designer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I grabbed some inspiration from Alexander McQueen’s 2008 fashion show to create Fleur Delacour’s wedding dress. We love that they kept the tradition white wedding dress but the black detailing created an ethereal feel that Harry Potter was all about.

The Venue

wedding inspiration

Source: Casa Loma

Looking for a perfect venue that will match with your magical night? Why not a castle? Pictured above is Casa Loma, located in Toronto, Ontario. Since Hogwarts is built on a castle, this would be a great venue!

The Food/Beverages

wedding inspiration

Source: Bakingdom

Give your guests the full Harry Potter experience by serving Butterbeer! You can find the recipe here! You can also have specialty mixed drinks and have them named after your favorite potions (ie: Amortencia, Felix Felicis and Polyjuice Potion).

You can even make a sweets table filled with chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans, Licorice Wands and so much more!

We hope this helps all you Harry Potter fans plan your special day! Do you have any more perfect ideas for this wedding inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

Pinterest Round Up: Top Save the Dates of the week!

We have been obsessed with Pinterest round ups! We’ve covered everything under the wedding sun from  DIY to wedding doughnut cakes. Next on our list are Save the Dates! There are so many adorable ways to tell the people you love that you are getting married. There are ideas out there that fit every couple’s personality and creativity as well! Check out some of our DIY friendly ideas, they’re amazing :)

Top Save The Dates

It’s no secret that rustic themed weddings have become a huge trend! We adore this rustic save the date!  It’s so simple yet so cute.


save the date

Photo via Pinterest

This chalk inspired save the date is such a unique idea!  It will definitely put a smile on your guest faces. This idea is completely is DIY friendly!


save the date

Photo via Tumblr

How cute is this save the date game ticket?  This is the perfect idea for the sports fans and a fun way to let your guests know when the wedding is! Guests can keep this ticket as a keepsake as well!

save the date

Photo via etsy

This is such an awesome DIY idea! Mason jars have become a huge hit at weddings. This is a great idea for a backyard summer or beach wedding!


save the date

Photo via Offbeat Bride

We fell in love with this idea! It’s so unique and will make your guests laugh. This would be fun to do with your future husband!


save the date

Photo via Project Wedding

This save the date idea is such a cute and unique way to portray what they want to say. This couple really did save the date and so should their guests!


save the date

Photo via Andreyp

Amazing idea to let your guests know you are getting married! Not to mention how realistic this photo is. This is defiantly one of our favorites! Love the bride’s curling iron in her hand!

Wedding Photo Booth Themes!

Wedding photo booths have become a very popular and creative way to get the bride, groom, and guests to have fun with wedding photos! With wedding photo booths there are so many different things that you can do! You can decorate the photo booth to match the theme and colors of your wedding, you can add props, you can even make your own backdrop for the photos. We have scoured the pages of Pinterest and found a few wedding photo booth themes that we think take the cake!

Vintage Frames Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding photo booth

Image via Tumblr

This wedding photo booth idea is great because most photo booths that we have seen just have the guests holding up frames. This one is fun because people will have to find unique and silly ways to get into the frames together for the photo!


Props it Up Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding photo booth

Image via Holly Do

Wedding photo booths that are filled with all sorts of props can be the most fun! This is a great way for your guests to have fun during what can be some of the slower moments of the reception. You and your guests can get silly and will end up with some of the best photos that no photographer could have captured!

All Around the World Wedding Photo Booth

wedding photo booth

Image via Little Sparrow

This photo booth is great for the couple that loves travelling! It is a totally DIY friendly wedding photo booth where you can take a large sheet of fabric and write cute little words or phrases on it. You could even write parts of your vows on the back drop.

Fly Away with Me Wedding Photo Booth

After the Disney movie UP! we have seen lots of wedding themes surround the cute life, colors and balloons portrayed in the movie’s opening romance. This wedding photo booth is a great way to incorporate this theme, add color to your photos, and is awesome for balloon lovers! You can easily turn this photo booth backdrop into a fun dart game for kids when the wedding is nearing its end!

There are so many different things that you can do with a wedding photo booth! Get creative, get silly and have fun with it!

If you are considering have a photo booth at your wedding check out our blog Should you Consider a Wedding Photo Booth at Your Wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Photo Signs

Wedding photos have moved from the usual, traditional, and sometimes boring photos to fun, unique, and inspiring photos. We have seen the trash the dress photos and absolutely love how fun they can be and the great memories they will leave the happy couple with for a life time.  However, if you do not want to ruin your dress just to get an awesome photo then we have the perfect and unique photo that you and your hubby can take on your wedding day! It’s all about the Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo signs!

This Adorable Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo captures a heart warming moment of the bride and groom kissing! The chairs to their reception table have their new titles and are displayed in a way that keeps with the theme of the wedding!

This Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo is so cute because they use the signs in a way to show off their wedding rings and partly shield themselves for a private moment. These signs are also very DIY friendly!

wedding photo

Image via SnapKnot

This Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo sign is a great way to have fun during your wedding photo shoot! It shows off your playful side with each other and how well you can work together to accomplish something!

wedding photo

Image via Etsy

These signs that you can buy from Etsy are perfect for your Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo! You can get silly and creative with these moustache and lipstick lips signs! A photo like this you will never forget and you could even use it for your thank you card or christmas card!

wedding photo

Image via Etsy

Last but not least, we just had to share these awesome Mr. and Mrs. wedding photo signs from Etsy! These signs are so funny and perfect for any wedding photo! They are fun and represent any couples marriage.



Top 5 Wedding Movie Themes of 2013

Movies always have an influence on the real world, whether on fashion trends, new vacation hot spots and of course on weddings! Many movies have awesome wedding movie themes that we can’t help but adore. Take a look at the top 5 wedding move themes we found of 2013!

Great Gatsby Wedding Movie Theme

wedding movie theme

Photo via Wed Me Pretty

Great Gatsby is one of the most inspirational movies we’ve seen in a very long time! The Great Gatsby movie theme of the 1920’s art deco style has been extremely popular in the wedding industry.  1920 flapper styled wedding dresses have been on the rise. Brides like the slim and narrow silhouette, the higher neckline, and the awesome accessories of the roaring 1920’s. Art deco has been incorporated into wedding invitations, venue decorations and even wedding cakes! What we love about the Great Gatsby theme is that it is timeless, classy and every couple can add their own unique spin to this wedding movie theme!


The Lone Ranger Wedding Movie Theme

The Lone Ranger, an American western action film has had a huge influence on the wedding themes. Western and country wedding themes have become very popular recently. Couples are getting married more and more on farms and ranches instead of pricey venues. Country wedding photos are all over Pinterest and other wedding blogs. Adding cowboy boots or having a barn in the backyard of a picture gives it a laid back yet loving feel to the photo! Mason jars are also a major trend from this wedding movie theme. Everybody loves mason jars for weddings, they are so versatile!


Man of Steel Wedding Movie Theme

movie wedding theme

Photo via Shaadi-Esque

Man of Steel was predicted to be a big hit in the box office this year! This superhero wedding movie theme has also been a big hit in the wedding industry. Weddings are a way for the couples to portray their personality as a couple, even if they’re a little geeky! Geeky weddings are always fun and nice change from the usual! We’ve seen everything from geek inspired wedding decorations, cakes and even photographs. For more geeky wedding ideas check out our blog Geek Themed Wedding: Part 1.


Gangster Squad Wedding Movie Theme

wedding movie theme

Photo via Buzzfeed

Just like The Great Gatsby, the Gangster Squad wedding movie theme has been bringing back trends of the past! Gangster Squad’s wedding movie theme has been inspiring trends from the late 1940’s. Vintage styled weddings are classy and elegant! This movie has brought bow ties, cigars, mobster inspired suits, and vintage wedding gowns back into style. One of our favorite piece of inspiration from the Gangster Squad movie theme is vintage cars! Instead of limo’s, couples decide to ride in beautiful vintage cars from the 1940’s!


The Big Wedding Movie Theme

Wedding Movie Themes

Photo via Etsy

Last but not least, we have a wedding movie theme that every couple wants to incorporate into their big day! The theme of The Big Wedding is family! Many couples want their entire family to really be apart of their big day. At the end of the day, the wedding is also about the two families coming together and being one. We’ve seen so many wedding signs that want their guests to be one big happy family and not pick sides.

Pinterest Round Up: Top Wedding Cakes!

Still can’t find the perfect wedding cake?

Finding the perfect wedding cake for your big day can be hard. Have no fear, Snapable is here! We have rounded up the top 8 wedding cakes on Pinterest that are sure to wow your guests or give you inspiration for your own wedding cake! You’re sure to find the perfect cake for everybody’s taste buds and of course, your budget!


Patterned wedding cake

Photo via Bridal Guide

How beautiful is this wedding cake? We love that they used different textures and patterns for the cake! The flowers at the top are a great finishing touch.


Natural wedding cake

Photo via Blog Spot

This yummy strawberry naked wedding cake is so simple and fresh! This is a much healthier alternative to your typical cake. We love that is can be a DIY friendly project- great if you’re on a budget!  Great choice for a backyard wedding or fruit lovers!


wedding cake

Photo via Piccsy

This wedding cake is fit for a fairy tale wedding! The mint green is such a pretty color and great alternative to a white wedding cake. The white flowers are so beautiful and delicate!


Photo via  Wedding Chicks

Photo via Wedding Chicks

We love this rose wedding cake. It’s so simple yet so pretty and elegant! A great way to incorporate your wedding colors into your cake just by changing the color of the flow detailing.


This cake caught our eye immediately. If you’re looking for a unique cake check out this watercolor idea! The color combo is gorgeous!


Wedding Cake

Photo via Ruffled Blog

We adore this nautical inspired cake! Great for a beach or destination wedding. The added rope is such cute and creative detailing!


Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Here is the ultimate art deco wedding cake. Great inspiration for a Great Gatsby theme which has become a very popular wedding trend this year!


wedding cake

Photo via

We love this classy blue and white cake.  The blue floral is stunning and elegant!


For more wedding inspiration check out some of our other Pinterest Roundups such as  Top Wedding Dresses, Top DIY Projects, and Top Doughnut Cakes.

Photo of the Day: Fun Fall Engagement Shoot!

Today's Photo of the Day Source: J Wiley Photography

Today’s Photo of the Day
Source: J Wiley Photography

Check out our Photo of the Day!

Why we love it: Fall is basically here so why not celebrate with this amazing fall engagement photoshoot!

Check back tomorrow for another great Photo of the Day on Snapable!

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